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Using the LiteServer

When an internet connection is available, the LiteServer will continuously download and upload data to the Lightspeed cloud servers, creating a localized back-up of your restaurant's data.

During an internet outage, the Restaurant POS app will use the data stored on the LiteServer to allow you to perform essential business functions. Once an internet connection is re-established, the LiteServer will connect with Lightspeed's servers to sync any data processed during the outage. Consult the list below to see the actions that can and cannot be performed with a LiteServer during an internet outage.


Here are some actions you can perform with a LiteServer during an internet outage: 

  • Take orders
  • Create receipts
  • Transfer items and receipts
  • Print receipts
  • Split bills
  • Run reports in Restaurant POS
  • Clock in/out
  • End Shift/End Day
  • In-app account configuration such as editing customer profiles, editing floors, editing tables, modifying product stock etc. However, these changes will not sync with Restaurant Manager until an internet connection is restored.
  • If applicable, send/receive data to the fiscal data module (FDM).

You cannot perform actions that require the internet or cloud communication such as: 

  • Take integrated credit/debit payments
  • Use third-party integrations (including some PMS integrations)
  • Use gift cards
  • Configure account in Restaurant Manager and sync changes to Restaurant POS
  • Sync data from Restaurant POS for reports in Restaurant Manager
  • Change your account password

NOTE: If your local network is down due to a router issue, you will not be able to perform any actions. 

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