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Adding printers

Configure printer profiles in Restaurant Manager for every physical printer in your restaurant environment (e.g. receipt, fiscal, kitchen or bar printers). If you have four unique printers in your restaurant, then you should have four printers configured in Restaurant Manager. A printer in Restaurant Manager can also be a virtual printer for emailing receipts and invoices; see Setting up electronic receipts.

Once printers are added to Restaurant Manager, you can then link them to printer templates to that particular types of printing jobs are sent to the correct printer model.

Please note that adding a physical printer to Restaurant Manager also requires some hardware setup and network configuration. See About printers for more information on how to install your physical printer. The information below goes over how to configure general printer settings on Restaurant Manager.


Adding a printer to Restaurant Manager


  1. In Restaurant Manager, from the Printers page click the Printers tab.
  2. Click Add Printer.
  3. Specify the settings and click OK.



Create a name for the printer. This will be the name you select when assigning a printer template to the printer.

DESCRIPTION Enter a description of the printer (optional).

The printer type determines its functionality. For receipt, kitchen, and bar printers, select the brand of the receipt printer. For a virtual printer for emailing customers or users select either Email Customer or Email User.

MODEL Select the printer model. 

IP address of the printer on the network.

To retrieve your printer’s IP address:

  1. Power the printer and connect it to the network you use for your iPad devices.
  2. To ensure that your printer's IP address does not change, your printer must be assigned a static (reserved) IP address in your router settings.
  3. Turn the printer off.
  4. While pressing the Feed button, turn the printer on and continue to press the Feed button for approximately 7 seconds. The IP address is displayed on the printed receipt.


Don't change this value.

Don't change this value.


Enable this setting if a cash drawer is connected to the receipt printer. This will automatically open the cash drawer when a receipt is printed.


What's next

After you add a printer assign a printer template to it. See Creating Printer Templates.

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