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Creating Cash Drawer reports

Cash drawers in Lightspeed Restaurant are used to track and report on your cash flow. If the device that you're using to process orders is not assigned to a cash drawer created in Restaurant Manager, the cash flow is instead associated with the user who is processing the orders and the cash drawer becomes a virtual one. This is created automatically and is called a user wallet.

Servers and managers can generate End of Shift (X) or End of Day (Z) Cash Drawer or User Wallet reports directly in Restaurant POS.

Note: In order for a user to print Cash Drawer reports, Cash Drawer permissions must be enabled in User Roles (See Assigning user roles).

X reports include data from the last Z report generated to the current time. Running an X report allows you to preview the report and does not reset cash drawer data. Z reports include data from the last Z report generated to the current time. Running a Z report resets all cash drawer data. 

  1. Tap the User Profile in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Cash Drawers.
  3. From the cash drawers list, tap Reports to the right of the corresponding cash drawer.
  4. Select the type of report to print. 
    • Print cash drawer X-Report
    • Print cash drawer Z-Report
    • Print user wallet X-Report
    • Print user wallet Z-Report
  5. Select a printer or Save to Photos.


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