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Invoice Settings

NOTE: Invoices are only supported in tax-inclusive regions.

You can generate a customer invoice from Restaurant Manager (see Creating customer invoices in Restaurant Manager) or Restaurant POS (see Creating customer invoices in Restaurant POS) for all unpaid receipts that are currently on a customer’s tab. The Invoice settings let you specify the information that appears on customer invoices.

To access Invoice Settings

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Settings in the lefthand menu.
  2. Select Invoice Settings
  3. Specify the settings and click Save. 


Available settings

  • Bank account number
  • Prefix invoice number: Add a designated prefix number to appear in front of the invoice number.
  • Days before invoice expires: Enter the number of days from the date the invoice is generated that a customer has to pay the invoice. This information appears in the form of a deadline date on an invoice.
  • Invoice terms: Enter any terms and conditions that you want to display on invoices.

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