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Using a keyboard as a bump bar

A keyboard can also be used to control the Lightspeed Kitchen display. The following actions are associated with the following keyboard keys.





Bump ticket

Transitions ticket to next state


Unbump ticket

Returns ticket to previous state


Next page

Navigate to next page of tickets with the arrow key

Previous page

Navigate to previous page of tickets with the arrow key

Scroll up

Move cursor up with the arrow key

Scroll down

Move cursor down with the arrow key


Prioritize/Deprioritize ticket

Flags ticket and moves it to beginning of queue; or unflags ticket and moves it to the original position in queue.

Z or L

Show and Tell

Displays Show and Tell image and product description of selected ticket

M or A

Options menu

Opens the Options Menu



Selects highlighted ticket or button



Navigates away from selected ticket or button to main screen

Arrow keys

Navigate screen

Allows the user to move the cursor around the screen to select tickets or buttons. In dynamic view, the left or right arrows are used to navigate between ticket columns. In static view, the left or right arrows are used to navigate between ticket rows. The up and down arrows allow the user to move from the tickets screen to the Options Menu and the Status filter tabs.


What's next? 

For more information on ticket actions, see Interacting with Tickets.

For more information on navigating Kitchen, see Navigating the Kitchen display



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