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Print Settings

The Print Settings in Restaurant Manager determine the functionality in Restaurant POS when printing receipts and bar/kitchen tickets.

To access Print Settings

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Settings in the lefthand menu.
  2. Select Print Settings
  3. Specify the settings and click Save. 


Available settings


Specific to printing via the Lightspeed Restaurant app.

  • Send both bar and kitchen orders using one button
  • Notify kitchen when switching a table
  • Return to floor plan when products are printed
  • Combine items with negative amounts when printing: If product has both a negative and a positive amount, the amount shown on the receipt is the combined value. For example, "2 Coffee" and "-1 Coffee" will print on the receipt as "1 Coffee".
  • Print labor receipt when clocking out 

Enable warnings in Restaurant POS when executing multiple actions.

  • Warning when printing receipts before sending first to bar/kitchen
  • Warning for non-printed items when returning to Tables screen: A user is prompted to print all unprinted products on an open order before return to Floor view in Restaurant POS.

Define how many decimal places appear for prices on receipts. 

  • Number of decimals
  • Number of decimals for tax rates

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