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About configuring printers in Manager

There are many uses for printers within Lightspeed Restaurant: a kitchen printer can print food order chits, and a receipt printer can print customer receipts or closing reports.

Before using a receipt or kitchen printer at your business, there are a few set up steps required. First, you'll need to configure printing settings on Restaurant Manager. Then, you'll connect the physical printer to Lightspeed Restaurant.

NOTE: If you are sending electronic receipts or invoices to customers, no physical printer is required. However, you'll still need to add an electronic printer in Manager and make sure your email receipt and invoice printer templates are set up. 



Configure printer settings in Restaurant Manager

Connect your physical printer to Lightspeed POS

  • Once your printer settings are configured on Lightspeed, you'll need to connect the physical printer to the POS software. See About printing to access the set-up tutorial for your specific printer model. 

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