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About Exact Online

Lightspeed Accounting connections are structured around "stores" (your establishments) as defined in your Lightspeed Restaurant account. 

Once you have connected your Lightspeed Restaurant account with Lightspeed accounting, you can connect a "store" to an Exact Online company. If you have more than one "store", each "store" can either share the same Exact Online company connection or have its own connection.

  1. In Lightspeed Accounting, click Settings > Accounting
  2. Click Exact Online from the list of options. 
  3. Select your country from the available options.accounting_-_exact_online.png
  4. Enter your Exact Online credentials.
  5. Authorize the connection between Lightspeed Accounting and Exact Online.

What's next?

Continue with your accounting configurations. See Exact Online general accounting options.

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