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Sequential IDs (Spain)

In order to conform with certain local fiscal policies (e.g. Spain), printed receipts can be organized using unique Sequential IDs. 

To enable Sequential IDs on your account, please contact Lightspeed Support

Considerations when using Sequential IDs

Restaurant Manager

  • In the Receipts report, Sequential ID will show in place of Receipt ID.
  • You can't delete receipts. This applies even to receipts created before switching to Sequential IDs.

Restaurant POS

  • Sequential IDs replace Receipt IDs. For example, you can search receipts using Sequential IDs.
  • When merging a receipt with a Sequential ID to another receipt, both receipts are kept on record. After the merge, the original receipt will have zero items. 

Printed receipts

  • The printed receipt will show a Sequential ID in place of a Receipt ID.
  • The Sequential ID is created when a receipt gets printed or finalized.

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