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About Lightspeed Loyalty

Lightspeed Loyalty is a multi-channel solution for Lightspeed Restaurant users looking to build their business' brand and grow a dedicated customer base. There are two types of Lightspeed Loyalty packages: Premium (web-based app) and Premium+app (branded native app).

With the Loyalty product, Restaurant POS users can:

  • Collect customer Loyalty points
  • Redeem customer Loyalty rewards 
  • Accept payments from the Lightspeed Loyalty app (Premium+App package only)





With the Loyalty Manager web browser, users can:

  • Manage rewards, groups, customers and campaigns
  • Download point usage and credit usage reports
  • Create marketing emails and texts 
  • Send push notifications and news updates (Premium + app package only)

For more information on what is included in your package, contact Lightspeed Support.


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