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Setting up a Kiosk iPad

Kiosk mode is designed for quick service situations where the customer comes to the device to place a single order.

To access the Menu settings

  1.  From the Menu home screen, double-tap Lightspeed.
  2. Enter the account password.
  3. Tap Sign In.

Assign the iPad to a quick service table

NOTE: You must create a designated quick-service table in Restaurant Manager. See Creating tables

  1. Under Assigned Table, tap Set Table.
  2. Tap Choose Floor Plan to select the floor.
  3. Tap the designated Quick-Service table.
  4. Tap Save to apply the changes and exit the Menu Settings popup.

NOTE: The limitation settings only apply for Table mode.

Categories and Products

Categories and products in Lightspeed Menu are taken from your account's Restaurant Manager. See About Categories

NOTE: Categories containing discounts won't appear in the Self-Order Menu app.


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