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Using the Ingenico iCT250 with Moneris

The Ingenico iCT250 is a countertop terminal available through Moneris. Before using the terminal, ensure that it is connected to Lightspeed Restaurant (See Setting up the Ingenico iCT250 with Moneris).


Processing a payment

  1. From the Payments screen in Restaurant POS, tap the payment type associated with the terminal.
  2. If tipping is enabled, the terminal will prompt the customer to add a tip.
  3. The customer can swipe, insert or tap their card.
  4. Once the payment is approved, press the green OK button.

Processing a refund

  1. From the Payments screen in Restaurant POS, tap or swipe the paid amount and select Refund.
  2. On the terminal, swipe your admin card.
  3. Swipe, insert or tap the customer's card to return the funds.
  4. Press OK.

NOTE: By default, Moneris terminals have a refund limit of $5,000 for credit card transactions and $0.00 for debit card transactions. To set up or change your refund limit, please contact Moneris directly. 

Closing your batch

In order to close out all the credit/debit transactions for the day and send the funds to your account, you must manually close the batch on the terminal each day*. You must close the batch on each terminal individually. For more detailed instructions on closing a batch with this terminal, see Closing your batch on the Ingenico iCT250.

  1. Switch the terminal to stand alone mode. 
    • On the terminal, press the down-arrow key located at the top of the key pad. 
    • Select YES by pressing the key below it. 
    • Once in Standalone mode, you will see the Enter Amount screen in place of the Employee Login screen.
  2. From the ENTER AMOUNT screen, press the  .,#* button. You will be brought to the MAIN MENU.
  3. Select REPORTS and press the green OK button.
  4. Select CLOSE BATCH and then press the green OK button.
  5. Select YES when prompted to close the batch.
  6. Your batch details will print out from the device and the batch is now closed. Repeat the process on any other terminals you have. 
  7. Return the terminal Semi-integration mode using the same process as above.

*NOTE: It is possible to set up an auto-close batch instead of manually closing your batch each night. When this setting is enabled, the terminal will auto-close at a specified time each day. To set up auto-close batching, please contact Moneris directly.

Enabling tipping on the terminal

  1. Use the arrows under the screen to navigate to CONFIGURATION. Press OK.
  2. Select GENERAL PARAMS > TIP ENTRY. Select TIP ON and press OK.
  3. Select how customers can tip by choosing between TIP BY AMOUNT, TIP BY PERCENT and TIP BY $ AND %.

Setting a default tip percentage

You can set a default tip percentage that will appear on the terminal when a customer is prompted to tip. The customer can select the default percentage, enter their own or choose not to tip.

  1. Use the arrows under the screen to navigate to CONFIGURATION. Press OK.
  2. Select GENERAL PARAMS > TIP PERCENTAGE. Enter an amount and press OK. This percentage will now appear when a customer is prompted to tip.




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