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About the LiteServer

Restaurant POS is a cloud-based application and as such, requires internet connection in order to function. The LiteServer, a small local server, is designed to imitate Lightspeed's cloud-based servers. When an internet connection is available, the LiteServer will continuously download and upload data to Lightspeed's cloud servers, creating a localized back-up of your restaurant's data. 

With a LiteServer, you can continue to perform essential business functions even when an internet connection is not available. For a list of actions you can and cannot perform with a LiteServer during an internet outage, see Using the LiteServer. 


A LiteServer can support five to seven device stations depending on the volume of data being processed.

The LiteServer will continuously perform the following actions when internet connection is available. 

  • Sync receipts to the cloud. This allows you to monitor your restaurant in Restaurant Manager in real time.
  • Sync changes made in Restaurant Manager to Restaurant POS or vice versa.
  • If applicable, transfer data to the fiscal data module (FDM) device.

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