Creating ingredients

You can create as many ingredients as you need. Each ingredient can have a unique unit type, such as slices, grams, or teaspoons depending on your requirements. You can then assign ingredients to products.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, on the Products page click Ingredients > Add Ingredient.

  2. Click Add Ingredient.
  3. Specify the settings and save your changes.

    • Name
    • SKU: The ingredient’s SKU.
    • Unit Type: Select a unit from the list or type a unit in the text field to add a custom unit to the list. When you assign ingredients to products, the smallest quantity you can assign is 1. As a result, you must select a unit that represents the smallest quantity, with a quantity value of 1, for the ingredient. For example, if you have a ground beef ingredient that’s measured as a quarter-pound in burger 1, and a half-pound in burger 2, you must select quarter-pound for the ingredient. This lets you assign an ingredient value of 1 to burger 1, and a value of 2 to burger 2.
    • Click Manage Unit Types to delete units from the list.
    • Cost: Enter the cost for a quantity of 1 based on the selected unit type. You can use the Ingredient Report to track the total cost of the ingredients that are sold within a date range.


    • Supplier: supplier you buy the ingredient from
    • Supplier Contact: contact information for the supplier
    • Barcode: ingredient barcode
    • Visible: this option is intended for future use.

What's next

Assign the ingredient to a product. See Assigning ingredients to products.

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