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About takeout and delivery

There are two different methods to create a takeout or delivery order in Restaurant POS depending on your restaurant environment. Both methods require a designated Takeout and Delivery table (see Creating Tables).

Takeout Screen Method

The first and recommended option is by tapping the Takeout button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (see image below). For step-by-step instructions, see Using the Takeout Screen.

Tables Screen Method

The second option is from the Tables screen by tapping the designated Takeout or Delivery table (see Creating Tables). For step-by-step instructions, see Using tables for takeout and delivery orders.



Dedicated takeout and delivery prices and tax

When creating a product in Restaurant Manager, you can set a different price and tax rate for takeouts and delivery order items. This price will be automatically applied to the order when using the takeout and delivery functions (see Creating Products).

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