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Week report

The Week Report displays revenue, payment, and tax information per week.


To access the report

The Week Report is only available in Restaurant Manager. To access the Week Report page, click Reports > Week Reports.

To set the date range

  1. Click the date at the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Select a date range by clicking a start and end date, or click Today, This week, or This month.

What's displayed


Move your mouse over the charts to view the chart details.

  • line chart of revenue per week
  • line chart of receipts per week
  • percentage pie chart showing payment-type usage
  • percentage pie chart showing payment amounts per payment type

Monthly Report List

  • From: week report starting date
  • To: week report ending date
  • Starts At: opening time of your business
  • Ends At: closing time of your business
  • # Receipts: amount of receipts for the week
  • # Customers: total number of customers attached to receipts for the week
  • Tax: overview of your revenue for the week
  • Revenue: total revenue for the week

To download or printing the report

  • Current week: click Summary PDF at the top of the screen.
  • Selected week from the list: click PDF, or CSV for a week in the list to download the report.

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