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About Lightspeed Payments

Please note that not all terminals are available in all regions.

Lightspeed Payments is the simplest way to integrate payment processing with Lightspeed Restaurant, creating a one-stop-shop solution for your business. By integrating payment processing with Lightspeed Payments, you're able to:

  • Manage payments processing directly from Lightspeed Restaurant - no more third-party payment integrations
  • Eliminate expensive monthly payment processing fees; your per-transaction service fees are deducted directly from settlements, so funds deposited into your bank account are all yours.
  • Track and manage transactions with the exclusive Transactions and Settlements reports.
  • Void and refund payments directly from the Lightspeed POS app.
  • Offer a quick and seamless customer payment experience 
  • Ensure PCI-compliance

You can inquire about signing up for Lightspeed Payments with our Sales team. Once you're signed up with Lightspeed Payments, our help articles guide you through set up and navigating the interface. Let's get started!


Getting started


Sales and payments



PCI compliance


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