Creating users

Create a user account for every employee that will access Restaurant POS. For accurate reporting and management, we recommend that you create a dedicated user account for each employee.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, on the Users screen click the Users tab.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. Choose the user settings and save your changes.
    • Username: The name that appears for the user throughout Restaurant POS.
    • Password: A unique user password for logging in to Restaurant POS.
    • Pin: A unique four-digit numeric PIN code used for logging in to the app using the PIN Login method (see User login and time clock in Restaurant POS).

    • User Type: Set the user as a Manager or Employee. A Manager is able to log in to Lightspeed Restaurant from within Restaurant POS or from a web browser using a direct url; [servername] An Employee with appropriate login rights (see Assigning user groups and Assigning user roles) can log in to from Restaurant POS only.
    • First and Last Name: The user's first and last name.
    • Email: The user's email address.
    • Visible: Enable this option to make the user visible in Restaurant POS.
    • Image: Click the Image and then select a default user image, or upload your own image by clicking Choose File, selecting your image, and then clicking Upload. The image that's assigned to a user appears in these locations:
      • The user login screen

        • The user selection button

Supported image size and format

Width: 100px
Height: 135px
Type: PNG, JPG and GIF
Size:500KB maximum
    • Social sec#: The user's social security number.
    • Important: For Belgian users to conform to the Fiscal Data Module you must enter the user’s 11-digit INSZ/BIS number in the Social sec# field. If a valid INSZ/BIS number is not entered, the user will not be ready for use.
    • Telephone: The user's telephone number.
    • GSM: The user’s cellular telephone number.
    • Street, Steet Number, City, and Zip: The user's home address.
    • Default Floor: Sets the floor that's displayed in when the user logs in.
    • Default Table: If a default table is selected, Restaurant POS defaults to the table's Order screen when the user logs in, skipping the Floor screen.
    • Roles: This option appears after you save a new user. For information on setting the user privileges, see Assigning user groups and Assigning user roles.

4. Set the user privileges (user roles). See Assigning user roles.

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