About Takeout & Delivery

There are two distinct methods to work with Takeout & Delivery in Restaurant POS. The Basic method is similar to the standard ordering method. The Advanced method allows you to link a customer to the order and assign a pick-up time.


  • Basic method: The basic method for creating a takeout or delivery order using a table defined as Takeaway or Delivery is similar to the standard ordering procedure. The order must be created and finalized before using the same table to create another takeout or delivery order. This method does not allow you to assign a pick-up time for the order. See Taking Takeout and Delivery Orders using Tables.

  • Advanced Method: The advanced method allows you to use the same table on the Tables screen to process multiple orders without having to finalize an order before starting a new one. You can also assign a customer and pick-up time for the takeout or delivery order. The pending takeout or delivery orders can then be tracked and finalized on the Takeout and Delivery screen. There are two ways to create a takeout or delivery order using the advanced method:

Dedicated takeout and delivery prices and tax

When creating a product in Restaurant Manager, you can set a different price and tax rate for takeouts and delivery order items. This price will be automatically applied to the order when using the takeout and delivery functions. See Creating Products

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