Splitting a bill

In Restaurant POS, bills can be split in different ways depending on the needs of your customers.

  • Split the bill equally across all seats (Split in equal parts
  • Split the bill by selecting certain items within the order (Split using selected items)
  • Split the bill by what each seat ordered (Split by seat)
  • Process one customer's receipt while the rest of the order is still ongoing (Single seat checkout)

Bills can be split into a maximum of 99 unique parts.

You can also combine split receipt parts after the bill has been split by seat or split using selected items. For example, if a table of six all want to pay their portions of the bill separately except for seats 2 and 3, you could split the original bill by seat and then combine receipt 2 with receipt 3. 

If you make a mistake when splitting a bill, you can always revert the split.

NOTE: Before you can split bills in Restaurant POS, you must first create a Split bill and Print all split receipts payment type in Restaurant Manager. See Setting up split bills for more information.

  1. On the Order screen in Restaurant POS, tap the Pay icon. pay_icon.png

  2. On the Payment screen tap the Split Bill payment method. Select how you want to split the bill.

    • Split in Equal Parts: Tap this option and then enter the number of bills to split the receipt into. Note: You can split a bill into a maximum of 99 separate bills. This option is not available for Belgian FDM users.

    • Split using Selected Items: Select the order items in the receipt list that you want to put on a separate bill, and then tap Split using Selected Items. You can repeat this step to create another split bill.

    • Split by Seat: After the order items are organized by seat (see Assigning Products to Seats), tap Split by Seat. A separate bill is created for each seat. Order items that are assigned to the "Table" on the order list will be on a separate bill.

    • Single seat checkout: If the order items are organized by seat, (see Assigning Products to Seats), tap Single seat checkout. Tap the seat for checkout, then tap Done.

  3. A new payment receipt (blue) is displayed with the split amount at the top of the Payment screen.

    If a bill has been made, but not all order items have been assigned to the correct bill, drag and drop the order items to the different receipts using the icon_3bars.png

  4. To process payments, tap a receipt box at the top of the Payment screen, then process the payment as usual. See Taking Payments and Tips.

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