About Kitchen orders

When an order is sent to the kitchen in Restaurant POS, it automatically appears as a ticket on the Kitchen display iPad if configured to do so. See About the Kitchen App Settings to set which types of order items are created into tickets for Kitchen.

Each individual receipt in Restaurant POS will show as a single ticket in Kitchen. It is best practice to only send an order to Kitchen once. 

Understanding Kitchen tickets

In addition to showing the order items, tickets also display information about the table name, number of occupants, receipt ID, server name and time elapsed since the initial order was placed.


Kitchen tickets can be in one of three active states:

  1. New (Gray): Indicates a new order received from Restaurant POS.
  2. Cooking (Orange): Indicates the order is actively being prepared.
  3. Done (Green): Indicates the order is ready to be delivered to the customer. 

To transition a ticket to the next state, swipe-right on the ticket or double-tap it. If you perform this action on a Done ticket, it will be permanently cleared from the Kitchen display. To return a ticket to the previous state, swipe-left on the ticket.

To navigate between pages in Kitchen, use the arrow-buttons located at the top.


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