Setting up an iPad for Table mode

In Table mode, an iPad must be assigned to a specific table before customer use.

To access the Menu settings

  1.  From the Menu home screen, double-tap Lightspeed.
  2. Enter the account password.
  3. Tap Sign In.

Assign a table to the iPad

  1. Under Assigned Table, tap Set Table.
  2.  Tap Choose Floor Plan to select the floor.
  3. Tap the table.
  4. Adjust the table seating amount if necessary.

Set limitations

  • Delay between orders. 0 or empty is no delay.
  • Number of customers. 0 or empty means the limit will be ignored.
  • Number of orders per customers. 0 or empty means the limit will be ignored. 

To apply the setting changes and exit the Menu Settings popup, click Save.

Categories and Products

Categories and products in Lightspeed Menu are taken from your Restaurant Manager. See About Categories

NOTE: Categories containing discounts won't appear in the Self-Order app.

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