Creating menus

You can create a menu with a fixed product list (Combo Menu), or a menu where the customer selects from a predefined list of choices (Choice Menu). Before creating a Choice Menu, create choice menu groups.

Creating a Combo Menu

Creating a Choice Menu

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Products > Product .
  2. Click the category to add the new menu to.
  3. Click Add Combo.
  4. Specify the settings and save your changes.

    • Name
    • Id: ID of the menu
    • Kitchen Name: name that appears on tickets that are printed to the bar or kitchen
    • Price: By default, the price for a Combo Menu is automatically calculated based on the total price of all products in the menu. For Choice Menus, the price is automatically calculated based on the total price of all Choice Groups in the menu. You can edit the menu price after you save the menu. See Setting Menu Prices.
    • Subproducts: Select the individual products for a Combo Menu, or the Choice Groups for a Choice Menu.
    • Color: color assigned to the menu button on the Order screen
    • Image: product image

      Image upload is available on computers only. Uploading images using an iPad or iPhone is not supported.

    • Visible: sets whether the menu is available for selection in

    Advanced Options

    • Tax rate: tax rate for the menu
    • Delivery Tax rate: delivery tax rate for the menu
    • Takeout Tax rate: takeout tax rate for the menu
    • Description: optional additional menu information
    • Cost: product cost for the menu
    • Timed Events: Timed Events you want to assign to all choice products

    • Enable Stock Management: Enable or disable stock management for the every product in the menu. When enabled, the product’s stock level is tracked, and appears on reports and in . When disabled, the product’s stock level is reset to zero, the stock level is not tracked, and does not appear on reports and in . You can also use global Disable Stock Management (see Global Stock Settings) to disable stock management for all products at the same time.

      Disabling stock management resets the product’s stock level to zero (0). If you reset it, you can't retrieve the previous stock level.

    • Stock: stock amount for the menu
    • Barcode: menu barcode.

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