Setting menu prices

By default, the price for a Combo menu is calculated based on the total price of all products in the menu. For Choice menus, the price is calculated based on the total price of all of the Choice groups in the menu. However, you can modify the regular price, takeout price, and delivery price for the menu by changing the individual product prices within a menu, or by changing the total menu price.

NOTE: Changing a product’s price in a menu applies to the menu only. The original product price is not affected.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Products > Product.
  2. Click the category that contains the menu, and the menu you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit Price.
  4. The Edit Price button appears after you save the Menu.

  5. Edit the total Combo (menu) new price, takeout price, or delivery price.

    • When you modify the total menu price, the individual product prices in the menu automatically adjust.
    • When you modify individual product prices, the total price of a menu automatically adjusts.
    • Select Set to same price to set all Combo choices to the lowest price.

    The adjusted product price is used when generating reports related to Combo menu sales.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Click OK in the Edit Combo popup.
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