Creating choice menu groups

A Choice Group is a collection of products, and is used for creating a Choice Menu. When you create a menu where the customer selects from a choice of options, assigning a Choice Group to the menu adds the individual products to the menu for selection.

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Products > Product.
  2. Click the category you want to add a choice group to. See Creating categories for tips on organizing categories.

    NOTE: It is recommended to create a separate category for each choice group. For example: Choice Starter, Choice Main etc. You can disabled the Visible option for categories in Restaurant POS.

  3. Click Add Choice.
  4. Specify the settings and save your changes.

    • Name
    • Id: ID of the choice product.
    • Kitchen Name: name that appears on tickets that are printed to the bar or kitchen
    • Price: price of the choice product. This is set automatically and is based on the lowest price of the items in the choice group. You can edit the menu price (see Setting Menu Prices) after you create the menu.
    • Sub-products: Select the products in the choice product. For example, if you’re creating a Starter choice product, you can select as many starters as you want.
    • Color: color assigned to the menu button in the Order screen
    • Image: product image. Image upload is available on computers only. Uploading images using an iPad is not supported.
    • Visible: When enabled, the menu will be available on the app.
    Advanced Options
    • Description: can be added to provide additional product information.
    • Cost: product cost for the choice group.
    • Timed Events: Timed Events you want to assign to all choice products.
    • Stock: stock amount for the choice group.
    • Enforce Stock: appears only when global Enforce Stock (see Global Stock Settings) is enabled. When this option is enabled, the choice group items cannot be ordered if the stock level quantity of any of the group items is zero (0) or less.
    • Barcode: menu barcode.

What's next

Create the choice menu. See Creating Menus.

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