User report

The User report provides graphical revenue and tip data for each user, and lets you run a dedicated report for each user. A user report contains revenue, tip, payment, and clock-in information for a user. The data begins and ends at the time that you set as your restaurant opening time (see Company Details Settings).

For example, if your opening time is 9:00 AM. and you run the report for July 15, the report will include data from July 15 9:00 A.M. to July 16 9:00 A.M.

To access the report

The User Report is only available in Restaurant Manager. To access the User Report screen, click Reports > User Reports.

To set the date range

  1. Click the date at the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Select a date range by clicking a start and end date, or click Today, This week, or This month.

What's displayed

  • Charts

    Mouse over the charts to get the chart details.

    • bar graph of revenue per user
    • pie chart of orders per user
  • Receipts List
    • User: user name
    • From: choose a start date from the date picker in the top right corner
    • To: choose an end date from the date picker in the top right corner
    • First action: first action of the day
    • Last action: last action of the day
    • Number of receipts: number of receipts the user produced that day
    • Revenue: total revenue for the user for the day
    • Tips: total amount of tips for the user

      The Cr. user by default for tips setting (see App Settings) determines whether the tip is assigned to the waiter that processes the order payment, or to the waiter who started the order originally. If the tip amount that’s displayed in the user report is not what’s expected, verify the Cr. user by default for tips setting.

To download or print the report

Click More Info from the Action column and Print or download PDF.

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