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The Gift Cards page

The Gift Cards page in Restaurant Manager displays detailed information related to all gift cards affiliated with your Restaurant account. 

To access the Gift Cards page in Restaurant Manager, click Payments > Gift Cards


Below is a breakdown of the data displayed on the Gift Cards page:

SOLD VALUE The cumulative monetary amount of all gift cards activated on your account. 
REDEEMED VALUE The cumulative value of all sales charged to a gift card.
OUTSTANDING VALUE The cumulative unused amounts that remain on active gift cards.
EXPIRED VALUE The cumulative monetary amount remained on gift cards that have expired.
ACTIVE GIFT CARDS The total number of gift cards that are currently active. 


ID The unique number you assign to a gift card. NOTE: In multi-location environments, take care to avoid duplicate ID numbers. 
ACTIVATION DATE The date the gift card was activated in Restaurant POS. See Activating a gift card.
EXPIRY DATE The date the activated gift card is set to expire. NOTE: Some regions prohibit the use of expiry dates with gift cards. 
ORIGINAL AMOUNT The initial amount that was loaded to the gift card in Restaurant POS. See Activating a gift card.
CURRENT BALANCE The current monetary worth of the gift card. This can also be checked from within Restaurant POS, see Checking the balance on a gift card.
  • Active: the card has been activated in Restaurant POS and has a remaining balance.
  • Expired: the card has past its expiry date as determined in the gift card settings. It may still have a remaining balance.
  • Empty: The card hasn't expired, but has no remaining monetary value. More value can be added at any time, see Recharging a gift card.

Editing gift card settings

  1. From the Gift Cards page in Restaurant Manager, click Settings.
    • Enable expiration date : If not selected, gift cards created in your account will never expire.
    • Gift Cards expire after : Set the number of months until the gift card expires. This is always calculated from the date the gift card is activated in Restaurant POS.
  2. Click Save to exit. 


What's Next? 

To get more detailed information on individual gift card transactions, see the Gift Cards Transactions page. 

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