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MEWS property management system

MEWS is a property management system integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant that allows you to charge bar and restaurant receipts directly to a guest account. Guests can pay for their restaurant bills upon checkout. 


Create an account with MEWS

You'll need to create an account with MEWS before following the instructions in this tutorial. To create an account, please reach out to MEWS directly. 

Note: You'll need to have a Professional or Enterprise MEWS plan to connect your accounts.

Add Lightspeed Restaurant to MEWS

Once you have an account with MEWS, add Lightspeed Restaurant as an integration partner.

  1. Navigate to the MEWS Marketplace to add and connect with Lightspeed.
  2. Once you have selected Lightspeed on MEWS Marketplace, Lightspeed will be notified of your MEWS integration.
  3. For more information on using MEWS Marketplace, please refer to this MEWS tutorial.

Please note that Lightspeed does not power the MEWS platform, so questions related to creating or using your MEWS account should be directed to your MEWS support specialist.

Connect MEWS to Lightspeed Restaurant

Once you have a MEWS account and have added Lightspeed to your plan, connect MEWS with your Lightspeed Restaurant account.

  1. Navigate to your Lightspeed Integration Manager
  2. Enter your Lightspeed Restaurant details and select Request access. You will receive an email confirming your registration.



Mapping Lightspeed categories to MEWS accounting categories

To track revenue in MEWS, you need to connect Lightspeed categories to MEWS accounting categories. For more information on creating accounting categories in MEWS, see this article in the MEWS Help Center. All Lightspeed categories must be mapped to a MEWS accounting category in order for revenue to be categorized correctly.

  1. In the Integration Manager, select MEWS PMS Mapping
  2. For each Lightspeed Productgroup, select the corresponding MEWS accounting category.

NOTE: In order for discounts to be properly tracked in MEWS, all discounts in Lightspeed must be in their own separate category and mapped to a discounts accounting category in MEWS.


Configuring settings in the Integration Manager

To configure your MEWS setting, from the Integration Manager go to MEWS PMS > Settings:

INTEGRATION SERVER Select Production 1. Click the Save button.
PLATFORM URL Enter the URL of your MEWS dashboard
ENTERPRISE NAME Business name.
SERVICE Select from the options you configured in MEWS.
DEFAULT OUTLET Select from the options you configured in MEWS.
DEFAULT CURRENCY Select the currency you accept payments in.
GRATUITIES NAME Enter Tips. This will ensure that tips are tracked in MEWS.
GRATUITIES ACCOUNTING CATEGORY Select the category you would like tips to be tracked in.
CUSTOMER CLASSIFICATION ICONS If enabled, classification icons for customers, such as "VIP", will appear in the Restaurant POS app.

If you would like to track category revenue per floor, select Floors have unique accounting categories. Otherwise, select All floors are in the accounting categories.


If you would like to track category revenue per serving period, select serving periods have unique categories. Otherwise, select Do not differentiate between serving periods

Note: Serving periods cannot run through midnight.


If you would like to only see revenue from room payments, select Do not send the full revenue to MEWS. If you would like to see revenue generated from room payments as well as cash and card payments, select Send the full revenue to MEWS.

SET AN OPTIONAL TICKET PREFIX FOR MEWS Leave blank unless instructed by Lightspeed support to do otherwise.

If you require sequential IDs on receipts, select Use sequential IDs and accept a possible 30 seconds delay. Otherwise, select Do not use sequential Id's.

DISCOUNT PRODUCTGROUP Select the category you made for Discounts in Lightspeed.
SET THIS INTEGRATION AS THE DEFAULT PMS IN LIGHTSPEED When you have configured all other settings, select This is the default PMS integration.
PMS USERNAME This will be automatically filled in when you enter the Access Token.
PMS PASSWORD This will be automatically filled in when you enter the Access Token.

If you make adjustments to categories and want them to take effect immediately, click the Clear product & group cache button.



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