About your devices

The Devices page shows information related to all iOS devices affiliated with your account. A device will appear on this page automatically when a user logs in to Lightspeed Restaurant for the first time on that device, either through Restaurant POS or Self-Order Menu.

The Devices page also shows which app version each of your devices is running. If the device's version is green, it is running the latest app version. If the device's version is red, please update it soon to avoid any potential device issues. 

To access the Devices page, click the Devices tab in Restaurant Manager.

To edit a device's settings

  1.  On the Devices page, click the device you want to open. The device's details appear at the top. 
  2. Set the following:

The device profile that is linked to the device determines a predefined group of settings. 

When a new device is added to the Restaurant account it is automatically assigned to the default profile. To assign it to a different profile, select one from this drop-down.  


Select the templates for your individual printers. Printer templates can be edited on the Printers page in Restaurant Manager. See Creating printer templates.

  • Main Template: The receipt printer from which all receipts are printed. Select the receipt printer template for the device.
  • Bar Template: The bar printer to which all bar orders are printed. Select the bar printer template for the device.
  • Kitchen Template: The kitchen printer to which all kitchen orders are printed. Select the default kitchen printer template for the device.
CASH DRAWER Select the cash drawer associated to transactions processed on this device to help you track cash flow. See Creating cash drawers.
DEFAULT FLOOR Select the floor that will open by default in Restaurant POS on this device.
PAYMENT TERMINAL Select the default payment terminal to be used for processing sales.
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