Receipt reports

The Receipt Report page provides detailed receipt information for a designated date range.

To access the report

The Receipt Report is available in Restaurant Manager only.

To access the Receipt Report page:

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click Reports.
  2. From the menu on the left, click Receipts

Setting the date range

  1. Click the date at the top-right corner.

  2. Select a date range by clicking a start and end date, or click Today, This week, or This month.

What's displayed

  • Charts

    Hover over the charts to view the chart details.

    • line chart of revenue per hour
    • line chart of receipts per hour
    • percentage pie chart showing payment-type usage
    • percentage pie chart showing payment amounts per payment type
  • Receipts list table
    • Created On: date and time of first order of ticket
    • Receipt ID/Sequential ID: Unique identification number assigned to receipts. Sequential IDs is an enabled feature for countries that require it by law (e.g. Spain). See about Sequential IDs.
    • Total Price: total price of ticket. If the table in still in process, the total price up to the current moment is displayed.
    • Status: status of the table
    • Payments: last payment type used for the receipt. It is possible that multiple payments were used for that receipt.
    • Type
    • Created by: user who created the receipt
    • Payments by: user who took the payment
    • Table: table name linked with the receipt
    • Customer: If there was a customer assigned to the receipt
    • #Cust: number of customers linked to the receipt
    • Modified on:date and time of the last order or payment of the receipt.
    • Action: view/delete

To view receipt details

Click a receipt from the list or click View from the Action column to view the receipt details.

To delete a receipt

Click Delete from the Action column to delete the receipt.

Deleting receipts is not permitted if you are using Sequential IDs (e.g. Spain). It will not appear as an option. 

To download or print the report

Click Summary PDF or Detail PDF at the top of the screen.

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