Is Lightspeed Restaurant right for my type of restaurant?

Lightspeed Restaurant was designed for restaurants, bars, takeaways, delivery restaurants, catering businesses, coffee shops and cafeterias. We allow an unlimited number of categories that can be added easily. Each category can have its own products that can be printed to different printers.

Printing can even be done in the desired language of the cook, we support any languages.

Because our POS is designed for restaurants and bars, we also have customizable floor plans where you can manage tabs and see the customer satisfaction. Everything can be also tracked in the manager, where detailed reports can be viewed and exported.

How do I print an End of Day Report?

You can print a day report from (see Day Report) or (see Running a Day Report in Restaurant POS).

I live outside the European Union. Can I use Lightspeed Restaurant?

Lightspeed Restaurant was designed to run globally. We believe that our solution is the best for restaurants worldwide. But we strongly believe in partners and if you need local support, we can recommend a partner that is nearest to you.

More than 50% of my sales are cash. Will work for me?

Lightspeed Restaurant was founded by a restaurant specialist. So we know that cash is not going to disappear soon. That's why we built in full cash management features. And of course the cash drawer pops open on all cash sales just like a classic cash register!

Can someone help me set up my menus and floors?

If ever you feel you need assistance, contact our customer service team at restaurantsupport@lightspeedpos.com for more information.

How is my data stored and can I export it?

At Lightspeed we know that your data is important. We use Amazon EC2 servers for providing data storage.

Beside the storage that Lightspeed offers, you can always download the daily reports and store them on your own system. We also have an API for developers that will be available in the near future.

We will never delete your data unless explicitly asked. Even when you stop your subscription, we will make sure that your data is not lost.

Is Lightspeed Restaurant compatible with the Belgian Black Box?

Yes. is compatible for use with the Belgian Black Box.

How do I set up Lightspeed Restaurant for use without a printer?

Our application supports printers so that restaurants. But for users that just want to use the application without a printer, we provide a “Print to Image” option.

  1. Tap Settings from your device’s iOS.
  2. Tap Restaurant.
  3. In Developer Settings, enable Print to image.

When you print using our application now, an image of the ticket will be created in your photo gallery.


How do I keep track of my cash flow?

Lightspeed Restaurant lets you record the money added and removed from your cash drawers, as well as the final count (see About Cash Drawers and User Wallets). You can then run a cash drawer report to view your cash flow (see Cash Register Report).

How do I split a bill?

See Splitting Bills.

How do I set up discounts?

See Creating Discounts.

How can I email my receipts?

  1. In Restaurant Manager, go to the Printer screen.
  2. Create a new printer of type emailcustomer or emailuser.
  3. Assign a printer template to that printer. Create a new template that has email receipt as the type. Assign the created printer to that template.
  4. In Restaurant Manager on the Payments screen, create a new payment with mail receipt as the type.
  5. In Restaurant Manager, enter your SMPT settings.

NOTE: To use this feature, you need to enable the user selection on your iPad. See Layout Settings.

After it is enabled and you want to email a receipt, on the Payment screen tap the Email payment type.

(USA) How do I close batch payments at the end of the day?

See Closing Batch Payments (USA only).

Is there a public API?

We at Lightspeed are engineers and we believe in Service Oriented Architecture.

We have several APIs that can be used and extended. At the moment they are only available to our dedicated partners, but in the future we will roll them out to all developers. If you need access to our API, don't hesitate to contact us.

Which languages can I print and use the application in?

Lightspeed is an international company and we believe in customization and localization.

Products can be named, and therefore printed, in any language. 

Our Restaurant Manager is currently available in Chinese, English, Dutch, French and German. Other languages are in the works.

Restaurant POS uses the language that your iPad has been set to. When Lightspeed Restaurant does not support your language, english will be the default language.

Can I set up different tax rates?

Each category and product can have a different tax rates for:

  • Tax Rate: standard rate.
  • Delivery Tax Rate: tax rate for deliveries. Do not enter info if this is the same as the standard tax.
  • Takeout Tax Rate: This is the tax rate for takeouts. Do not enter info if this is the same as the normal tax.

See Creating Categories and Creating Products for more information.

What reports are available in?

For a complete list of reports that are available in see About Reporting and Data.

What images can I use in Lightspeed Restaurant?

You can upload custom images in for the following elements:

supports PNG, JPG, and GIF image files (500 KB maximum).

  • Floors: See Creating Floors.
  • Tables: See Creating Tables.
  • Categories: See Creating Categories.
  • Products: See Creating Products.
  • Users: See Creating Users.

How can I use multiple receipt printers?

Lightspeed Restaurant supports an unlimited number of receipt printers. You can have any combination of receipt printers to print receipts, and print orders to the kitchen or bar. For every receipt printer in your system, you must:

  • Create a printer. See Adding Printers.
  • Create a printer template and assign it to the printer. See Creating Printer Templates.
  • Assign the iPad to a receipt printer (for printing receipts only). See Assigning printers and a cash drawer to devices.

How can I print using Apple AirPrint?

You can use an AirPrint-compatible printer to print receipts and customer invoices. See Setting up Apple AirPrint Functionality.


How do I install the Fiscal Data Module (Belgium only)?

See Setting up the Fiscal Data Module (Belgium only).

What printers can I use?

At the moment we support three brands of printers:

  • Star
  • Epson
  • Orient

The Star TSP143LAN is our preferred printer. Star TSP143 printers are very robust and can be easily installed. Plug the cable into a router and AutoDetect the printer through our application. supports an unlimited number of printers.

When adding a printer in Restaurant Manager, you're provided with a list of printers to choose from. Our list consists of supported and compatible printers: Supported printers are printers that we've tested and approved. Compatible printers are printers that should work but are have not been tested by Lightspeed.

The following list is ordered by printer manufacturer and supported or compatible.

  • Star
    • Supported: TSP100LAN (Thermal), TSP143LAN (Thermal), TSP650 (Thermal), SM-T300i (Bluetooth & WIFI), SM-T300 (WIFI), SM-T220 (Bluetooth), SP700 (Matrix), SP742 (Matrix)
    • Compatible: SM-T210i, FVP10, TSP700II, TSP828L, TSP800II, SM-T400i, TSP100D, TUP500, TSP100U, TSP100GT, TSP100ECO
  • Epson
    • Supported: TM-T88V, TM-T88IV, U-220B
    • Compatible: TM-T70, TM-U220, TM-P60, TM-P60II, TM-T20, TM-T81II, TM-T82, TM-T82II
  • Orient (supported): BTP-R880NP, BTP-M300
  • Airprinting is also supported. Here's a list of AirPrint-compatible printers.

What card readers can I use?

  • MagTek iDynamo: A secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) designed to work with all supported iOS devices. The iDynamo offers MagneSafeTM security and delivers open standards encryption with simple, yet proven DUKPT key management, immediate tokenization of card data and MagnePrint® card authentication to maximize data protection and prevent the use of counterfeit cards. Mobile merchants can now leverage the power of their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch products without the worries of handling or storing sensitive card data at any time. This device comes in 2 versions, one for older devices with a 30pin connector, and one with the lightning connector. Both have to have the protocol string: “com.magtek.idynamo”. The device also needs to have an encryption key. This depends on the payment processor you use. Lightspeed Restaurant supports Mercury, Merchant Warehouse and BridgePay. If you have a paynment processor we don’t support, you can use BridgePay, as this is a gateway that will connect to most US payment processors.
  • MagTek uDynamo: MagTek’s uDynamo provides universal connection options for its users. The uDynamo secure card reader authenticator connects to a wide variety of devices through its retractable headphone jack. It also provides a USB interface for connection with various devices including Windows or Mac PCs, and is perfect for virtual terminals. The uDynamo combines the latest technologies for reliable and secure mobile payments and identification. The uDynamo SCRA allows merchants to make secure transactions while on-the-go using mobile devices and connecting through their mobile headphone jack or USB connections. The secure card reader authenticator uses the MagneSafe™ Security Architecture to protect cardholder data through instant dynamic encryption, tokenization and authentication. This device connects to the audio jack, and is compatible with all iDevices. The device also needs to have an encryption key. This depends on the payment processor you use. Lightspeed Restaurant supports Mercury and BridgePay for MagTek swipers. If you have a paynment processor we don’t support, you can use BridgePay, as this is a gateway that will connect to most US payment processors.
  • IDTech UniMag II: The IDTech UniMag II is a two-track, encrypted magnetic stripe reader that works with a wide variety of mobile platforms, including Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung devices. Use your mobile device to read credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, driver's licenses, and ID badges. The UniMag II reads up to 2 tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction, providing superior reading performance for your mobile device. A merchant account is required to accept credit card transactions. Mobile device not included. This device connects to the audio jack, and is compatible with all iDevices. The device also needs to have an encryption key. This depends on the payment processor you use. Lightspeed supports Mercury, Merchant Warehouse and BridgePay. If you have a paynment processor we don’t support, you can use BridgePay, as this is a gateway that will connect to most US payment processors.

Does support barcode scanning?

Yes. The barcode scanner that we support is the Socket Mobile CHS 7Ci scanner.

How do I set up payment processing (USA only)?

See Setting Up Payment Processing (USA only).

Belgium - GKS: registered till system?

Do you have questions regarding the registered till system and how to register for it? The following links are provided to help in this matter:

  • This link will give you general information and latest news from the GKS.
  • Use this link to download the GKS help guide
  • Would you like begin with registration? Please follow this link.

Belgium - GKS: Wat als ik meerdere zaken uitbaat?

Als u onder hetzelfde btw-nummer meerdere horecazaken uitbaat, wordt de 10%-regel berekend per inrichting. Elke inrichting volgt haar eigen regeling op voorwaarde dat ze materieel niet onderling verbonden zijn.

Twee inrichtingen zijn materieel verbonden als klanten zich vrij en zonder het verlaten van het pand tussen de ruimtes kunnen bewegen waarin u uw diverse horeca-activiteiten uitoefent.

Het is dus perfect mogelijk dat u in zaak A een GKS moet gebruiken, en in zaken B en C niet.

Een paar concrete voorbeelden:

Voorbeeld 1

U baat een snackbar/frituur uit. Deze twee activiteiten worden onder 1 btw-nummer uitgeoefend, in één visueel ingedeelde ruimte van één gebouw. Er is een gedeelde (koel)toog, en de klanten kunnen zich vrij tussen lokaal A en lokaal B bewegen. De inrichtingen zijn dus materieel verbonden. De 10% regel moet daarom op het geheel worden toegepast.

In lokaal A bevindt zich de frituur waar de klanten hun bestelling aan de toog doen, wachten tot de bestelling klaar is en meenemen naar huis.

In lokaal B bevindt zich de snackbar waar de klanten plaatsnemen en kiezen van de kaart. Ze hebben de keuze uit alles wat klanten van lokaal A kunnen bestellen, met nog een paar bijkomende snacks zoals vol-au-vent; spaghetti... die klanten van de frituur niet kunnen kopen.

De inkomsten uit de snackbar zijn, restaurantdiensten en vertegenwoordigen 10% of meer van uw totale horecaomzet. Die totale horecaomzet omvat zowel de inkomsten van de frituur als de snackbar omdat deze inrichtingen materieel verbonden zijn.

Bijgevolg zult u in de toekomst een GKS moeten gaan gebruiken. Een GKS moet worden gebruikt voor alle horeca-activiteiten, dusvoor zowel de snackbar als de frituur.

Voorbeeld 2

U baat een brasserie/ bar uit. Beide activiteiten vinden in hetzelfde gebouw plaats en onder één btw-nummer. In de ene helft van het gebouw is de bar/lounge, waar enkel wat kan worden gedronken. In de andere helft van het gebouw is de brasserie waar restaurantdiensten worden aangeboden. Beide delen van het gebouw zijn fysiek van elkaar gescheiden en beschikken elk over een aparte klanteningang. Ze delen wel de toog en de keuken. De klanten moeten het gebouw verlaten om tussen de ruimtes te wisselen.

Aangezien de inrichtingen als niet materieel verbonden worden beschouwd, moet u de 10%- regel per activiteit toepassen. Waarschijnlijk zult u een GKS moeten gebruiken in de brasserie, maar niet verplicht zijn tot het gebruik van een GKS in de lounge.

Voorbeeld 3

U bent een ijsbereider. U biedt uw ijsjes aan in een verbruikssalon. Als het goed weer is, rijdt u ook rond met een mobiel ijskarretje.

U moet de 10 %-regel dus tweemaal toepassen. Eenmaal voor het verbruikssalon en eenmaal voor het ijskarretje. Voor de verkopen via het ijskarretje heeft u waarschijnlijk geen GKS nodig, aangezien deze in principe als leveringen kunnen worden beschouwd en er normaliter geen verbruik ter plaatse plaatsvindt.

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