App settings

The app settings include options relating to functionality in Restaurant POS.

To access App settings

  1. In Restaurant Manager, click the Settings icon. 
  2. Select App Settings
  3. Specify the settings and click Save.

Available Settings


Adjust general Restaurant POS settings.

  • Table inactivity indicator time: When a table is inactive for this amount of a time, a timer icon appears on Tables screen indicating the table needs attention.
  • Manager auto-login: Enables automatic login to the Restaurant Manager when accessed within Restaurant POS.
  • Discounts do not apply to service charges: Causes the service charge to be calculated using the original order price and disregard any discounts.
  • Assign all tips received to the table owner (creator)
  • Assign all payments received to the table owner (creator)
  • Enable takeaway popup: A customer selection window appears when tapping a takeout or delivery table.
  • Enable number of customers popup: When enabled, a popup asking for the number of customers appears when a new table is opened.
  • Disable number of customers popup for bar tables
  • disable number of customers popup for tab tables

Define how many decimal places appear for subtotal prices on receipts.

  • Subtotal price precision
  • Receipt total price precision
KEYBOARD SETTINGS Adjust the app keyboard layout for selecting PLUs.


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