Configuring the bump bar settings

For Kitchen displays operating alongside a bump bar, use these settings to configure the bump bar key actions.

  1. Select the Other Actions button. Other_actions_button.png
  2. From the Kitchen Actions menu, select Bump Bar Settings.
  3. For each bump bar action, enter the corresponding bump bar button letter.


Bump ticket Transitions the ticket into the next state.
Unbump ticket Returns the ticket to the previous state.
Next page Goes to the next page of tickets in Kitchen.
Previous page Goes to the previous page of tickets in Kitchen.
Scroll up Scrolls up through the order items on a ticket.
Scroll down Scrolls down through the order items on a ticket.
Prioritize ticket  Moves the ticket to the first slot to indicate a high priority.
Zoom ticket Makes the ticket appear full-screen in Kitchen.
Open actions Opens the Other Kitchen Actions menu.
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